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Founded in 1999, Held in Karur, Tamilnadu, India. We have the unique ability to focus profits on services and features not commonly found in the web hosting industry. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and our 85% referral rate demonstrates this commitment. With a strong financial position, a large customer base and a high referral rate, we feel Iknox is aligned to remain an industry leader.

We believe 24x7x365 service should be handled by Network Administrators, not a "help desk", so answers are given promptly and accurately. E-mail support should be done within a couple hours, not a couple days.

Following are a few reasons what sets us apart from the other People

Easy Way
We don't run you through a series of sales staffers. The person you talk to when you contact us is the person you'll be dealing with throughout your relationship with us. Our Team members are straight shooters- we're going to tell you the truth, good or bad. We believe it's better to start off knowing where we're coming from than to have surprises down the road.

Expertise & Experience:
Unlike many other solution providers, we take every care to make sure your project is handled properly. With over 2 years of experience in Messaging Solutions we have developed a deep knowledge & understanding of our customer requirement. We can design effective & cost effective solutions & provide the unmatched service levels.

Communication is the key to good service:

We COMMUNICATE & keep a regular tocuh and follow up regularly to check if everything is working fine. If you need help, we're there....

Regular Upgrades:
We regularly keep reviewing & updating our technology, Services & Support Levels. You'll never find our product getting obsolete. Our upgrades are there before even you have a need of it.



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